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Students rebel against IT
Not so long ago students fought tooth and nail to get into IT courses. Now, they are shunning such studies, with massive implications for Ireland's reputation as a high-tech centre.
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Globaleye looks to make CCTV high-tech
A Dublin-based startup has officially launched a new high-tech CCTV service that it describes as 'revolutionary.'
October 15 in BUSINESS

Futuristic flowers mind relationships
Researchers at BT have built a unique, synthetic vase of flowers that can be controlled by computer and can help maintain long-distance relationships.
October 14 in HOME & GADGETS

Sony throws robodog a bone with upgrade
Sony has upgraded the software for its robotic dog, so that it will bark when it sees its owner -- a sure sign of love given that the dog can "feed" itself.
October 11 in HOME & GADGETS

Fujitsu builds mobile-controlled robot
Japan's Fujitsu said on Monday that it had built a new security robot for domestic or office use that can be controlled remotely with a mobile phone.
October 07 in HOME & GADGETS

UK kids read Web sites before books
British children know more about the Internet than they do about books, according to new research.
October 04 in HOME & GADGETS

Americans turned off by robots
Americans could turn against robots, after it emerged that the machines designed to be low-cost servants are increasingly taking the place of older workers.
October 04 in BUSINESS

Irish gadget sniffs out rotten food
The days of opening a carton of milk or a jar of mayonnaise, only to discover the food has gone bad, may soon be over thanks to a high-tech innovation at DCU.
September 27 in HOME & GADGETS

Most parents don't use Web filters
A new UK survey of parents whose children use the Net shows that only a minority employ a filter to restrict access to certain Web sites.
September 25 in HOME & GADGETS

Canesta launches invisible keyboard
Finger cramps from typing into mobile phones or PDAs could be a thing of the past following the launch of a full-sized keyboard made out of light.
September 20 in HOME & GADGETS

Gadget review: FX100 keyboard
If you've ever had the pleasure of typing out a long document on a handheld computer, especially if you've tried to do it with a stylus on the screen, this gadget is for you.
September 09 in HOME & GADGETS

Wearable computers to go mainstream
Computers worn on wrists and belts and woven into clothing are set to move from the margins to the mainstream over the next couple of years, a new report has said.
September 06 in HOME & GADGETS

Darklight heads for the Digital Hub
The fourth incarnation of the Darklight Digital Festival has been announced, and despite the high-tech meltdown its organisers expect a high turnout.
August 21 in HOME & GADGETS

Gadget review: LG Internet Fridge
The world of gadgets has taken a new twist -- hopefully for the better -- as all sorts of everyday items get digitised and connected, starting with the refrigerator.
August 12 in HOME & GADGETS

UK firm builds 'Helping Hand' robot
The Shadow Robot Company, based in London, has received STG75,000 from the UK government to build a robotic arm to help people with physical impairments.
August 09 in HOME & GADGETS

MP3 file swappers launch political party
The UK Electoral Commission has agreed to the registration of the MP3 Party, which aims to radically simplify British government and civil administration.
August 01 in HOME & GADGETS

Researchers serve chicken with chips
Scientists in Delaware are using a chicken feather-base composite to reduce the weight and increase the performance of computers.
July 30 in HOME & GADGETS

Boeing explores anti-gravity technology
According to reports, aerospace giant Boeing is experimenting with anti-gravity technology pioneered by a controversial Russian researcher.
July 30 in HOME & GADGETS

Animated cyborg to host new quiz show
Multi Media Arts, in association with UK games company Warthog, will debut a new television quiz show later this month which is hosted by a 3D animated cyborg.
July 16 in HOME & GADGETS

Gadget Review: personal alcohol detectors
It's always safer to have no drinks at all before driving. However, there are people who can't or won't abide by that rule.
July 08 in HOME & GADGETS

More users now rely on search engines
US Internet users have become increasingly reliant on search engines to help them find information on the Web, according to a new study.
July 04 in HOME & GADGETS



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