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Students rebel against IT
Not so long ago students fought tooth and nail to get into IT courses. Now, they are shunning such studies, with massive implications for Ireland's reputation as a high-tech centre.
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Face-to-Face: Frank Ryan IDA Ireland
How, in a global downturn, does a country with dramatically rising costs convince foreign firms to invest more? In Ireland, it's the IDA's job to do just that. Matthew Clark speaks with the executive director of IDA Ireland, Frank Ryan.
October 02 in FACE TO FACE

Face-to-Face: Dinesh Dhamija, CEO Ebookers
Don't look now, but e-travel is booming -- and strangely, its successes are coming only after the dot-bomb and September 11, events that decimated related industries. Matthew Clark spoke with Dinesh Dhamija, CEO of highflying European e-travel firms Ebookers, as the company considers acquisitions, market share and the future.
August 28 in FACE TO FACE

Face to Face: Bill Murphy, CEO Esat BT
Esat has rebranded itself Esat BT, and with the change a new feeling about its direction has emerged, including a closer intertwining with its parent. Last week Matthew Clark spoke to the company's CEO Bill Murphy, the New Yorker orchestrating the changes.
July 23 in FACE TO FACE

Face to Face: Cyril McGuire, CEO Trintech
At its height, Irish payment security company Trintech was valued at around USD4.5 billion and its sibling founders Cyril and John McGuire were worth USD650 million apiece. Since those heady days the company's shares have lost 99.5 percent of their value and a recent four for one split did little to boost prices. Trintech's new CEO Cyril McGuire talks Face to Face with Matthew Clark about the firm's past and future.
June 24 in FACE TO FACE

Face to Face with Stephen McCormack of Nebula
Amid the doom and gloom of the hi-tech downturn it was thought that one sector might prove to be a shining light. But is the wireless market really ready to deliver on its promise? Irene Gahan talks to Stephen McCormack of Nebula Technologies about whether the wireless Internet can live up to the hype.
December 05 in FACE TO FACE

Face to Face with Colm Reilly, IIA
The end of the dotcom boom has struck hard in Ireland, resulting in the collapse of several high-profile Internet businesses and the loss of many jobs. Rory Kelleher asked Colm Reilly, the new chief executive of the Irish Internet Association, about the difficulties currently facing the Internet industry here and its future prospects.
September 17 in FACE TO FACE

Face to Face with Shay Garvey, Delta Partners
With a downturn in world markets and investment for technology companies seemingly drying up, Rory Kelleher talked to Shay Garvey, general partner with Delta Partners, about the funding environment for Irish technology companies.
June 14 in FACE TO FACE

Face to Face with Patrick Martin
Prizebuy.com, Ireland's first Web store and telesales e-tailer for home appliances and entertainment products, only opened its virtual doors to the public in September this year.
November 16 in FACE TO FACE

Face to Face with Jordan Hubbard, BSDi
"We'll sleep with anybody that we think will advance our cause. We're in bed with BSDi to see what we can get them to do for us. But we'll maintain a degree of separation - it's just a relationship of mutual interest."
November 02 in FACE TO FACE

Face to Face with Steve Collins, Havok
Steve Collins is the oldest member of a very young Havok team. As Chief Technology Officer with the video game software specialists based in Merrion Square in Dublin, Collins has a maturity and experience well beyond his 30 years of this mortal coil.
October 13 in FACE TO FACE



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