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Gadget review: LG Internet Fridge
Monday, August 12 2002
by Matthew Clark

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The world of gadgets has taken a new twist -- hopefully for the better -- as all sorts of everyday items get digitised and connected, starting with the refrigerator.

LG recently unveiled its Internet fridge named GR-D267DTU -- a name far less appealing than the unit itself. It's a big "American style" unit that boasts 506 litres of refrigeration and an equally impressive 310 litres of freezer.

The coolest thing about the fridge, though, is the 15.1 inch LCD touchscreen embedded in the right door. The screen itself is fairly useless on its own, but it can be connected to the Internet through a connection spot on the back.

The fridge is loaded with a 128MB of memory and a 300MHz processor. It runs on Windows 98 and has a 17GB hard drive. Other gizmos include a built-in Webcam, a microphone, speakers and TV tuner. There are also two USB ports, two serial ports and a keyboard port as well.

Putting aside the fact that this very expensive fridge is equipped with a rather feeble computer, there are some nice utilities that are built into the unit. These include a digital cookbook and a database with nutritional information about different foods. There are also some programs that let users enter use-by dates for foodstuffs and an alert system to say when they have gone off (a barcode reader would make the process a lot easier). The fridge will also alert users when it is experiencing minor faults, displaying them on-screen and automatically reporting them to a service centre.

The fridges are in production now and will start selling in the UK in the coming months, most likely before Christmas. They are sure to become available in Ireland shortly thereafter, with a price tag of around STG6,000 or EUR8,000.

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