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Face to Face: Bill Murphy, CEO Esat BT
Esat has rebranded itself Esat BT, and with the change a new feeling about its direction has emerged, including a closer intertwining with its parent. Last week Matthew Clark spoke to the company's CEO Bill Murphy, the New Yorker orchestrating the changes.
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Dell ponders printers and PDAs
Dell's move into the printer market is almost a certainty, but according to emerging reports, the firm is also considering the launch of a Dell-branded PDA.
August 02 in BUSINESS

Bord Bia site to restore beef confidence
Bord Bia has launched a Web site as part of a plan to restore consumer confidence in beef.
August 02 in BUSINESS

Laptops thrive in a weak PC market
The number of laptops shipped worldwide increased during the second quarter, while shipments of desktops continued to slip, according to Gartner Dataquest.
August 02 in BUSINESS

Iona's enlists 7,000 Dream Warriors
Irish software company Iona says its on-line war game is proving to be a success, as an increasing number of developers use Iona tools to play the game.
August 01 in BUSINESS

Dot-biz domain disputes go to court
Disquiet over the domain registration dispute process involving .biz domains has led to court action on both sides of the Atlantic.
August 01 in BUSINESS

Liberties children to make digital films
Children in the Liberties area of Dublin are being taught digital editing techniques using new software developed by an Irish multimedia company.
July 31 in BUSINESS

Irish Avaya jobs could be at risk
Irish jobs are at risk after telecom equipment manufacturer Avaya announced 2,500 job cuts worldwide, as sales languish among enterprise customers.
July 29 in BUSINESS

Users divided on the meaning of spam
Businesses in the US and UK agree that spam is a problem, but according to MessageLabs many users cannot reach a consensus on its definition.
July 29 in BUSINESS

Following merger, Fulcrum re-brands
Irish company Fulcrum Distribution has re-branded following its merger with Entropy UK as the newly combined business looks to expand.
July 29 in BUSINESS

Microsoft boosts R&D spend by USD900m
Microsoft has announced its intention to increase its R&D spending by 20 percent over the next year and will employ an additional 5,000 workers.
July 26 in BUSINESS

Ogg Vorbis music format gets Real
The popularity of the MP3 format could be under threat, following a decision by RealNetworks to take the open source path in the streaming music sector.
July 26 in BUSINESS

Ex-Datalex staff form Web services firm
Senior executives of e-travel company Datalex and Sun Microsystems have formed a Web services and XML business that is initially targeting the travel industry.
July 25 in BUSINESS

Most Britons are immune to hi-tech hype
According to a new report, most British people accept new technology only through necessity and men are more likely to use a computer than women.
July 24 in BUSINESS

Am-Beo inks its biggest deal to date
Telecom software provider Am-Beo has announced a deal with Internet portal and content provider Lycos to provide billing services for its paid content.
July 23 in BUSINESS

Steady growth for e-books
The market for e-books has been growing steadily in recent years, as US companies continue to expanded title lists and software offerings.
July 23 in BUSINESS

WorldCom Ireland to continue to trade
WorldCom International will continue to trade normally, despite parent company WorldCom's decision to file for bankruptcy due to its crushing debt load.
July 22 in BUSINESS

Americans pick e-work over more money
Instead of a raise, one third of Americans would prefer to work from home, claims a new report.
July 22 in BUSINESS

Northern Ireland mulls ICT in healthcare
Northern Ireland's Health, Social Services and Public Safety Minister has issued STG120m in proposals to infuse more technology into the healthcare system.
July 22 in BUSINESS

Nortel to axe more Irish workers
Beleaguered telecoms equipment maker Nortel cut more jobs in Ireland on Monday as the firm followed through on a job slashing plan announced in May.
July 22 in BUSINESS

UK consumers trade groceries for content
By 2010, consumers in the UK will spend 60 hours per week consuming media in a market worth STG56bn per year, as they cut spending on items like groceries.
July 22 in BUSINESS



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