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Students rebel against IT
Not so long ago students fought tooth and nail to get into IT courses. Now, they are shunning such studies, with massive implications for Ireland's reputation as a high-tech centre.
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To subscribe or not to subscribe?
Have you noticed how e-mail has come to dominate our waking hours? If you are reading this I suspect you too are a victim -- a willing one, no doubt.
October 04 in OPINION

Palladium may police your motherboard
Most commentators have no real knowledge of Microsoft's Palladium, but several articulate opinions of the initiative have emerged from the Irish Open Mailing List.
September 19 in OPINION

The Internet revolution that never was
With all the talk of wireless Internet, broadband and e-commerce you'd think that Ireland was at the forefront of the digital revolution.
September 06 in OPINION

Sorting Out the Actual Cost of GPRS Usage
Some members of the Open mailing list have been using GPRS in the trial mode. Even though they're well able to set up and use the network connections, most of these technical users could not figure out the pricing structure.
August 23 in OPINION

Has spam finally met its match?
If you're tired of spam -- and who isn't? -- a new piece of software can protect you without blocking mail you want.
August 21 in OPINION

Using modified blogging software
More and more companies are modifying low-cost blogging software to set up rudimentary content management systems. Some Irish Web developers have pointed out shortcomings with this approach.
August 13 in OPINION

Hot topic: choosing bug tracking software
It's possible to use paper and pen to track changes in software projects, but programmers have found bug tracking software very helpful. Members of the Irish Open Mailing List discussed the packages they prefer.
July 17 in OPINION

The PC is dead -- long live the PC
Last week we heard that the billionth PC had, most likely, been sold somewhere on the planet during April. That was from a starting point in the mid 70s with the Altair containing the Intel 8080 chip.
July 11 in OPINION

Who wants multimedia messaging?
I'm talking mobile again, but this time it's a question of how/if the public are going to be able to access the new services being planned by the mobile manufacturers and the networks.
July 02 in OPINION

Mobile phones get new XXX-tras
Last week Nokia began to roll out another in its line of mobile phones -- nothing extraordinary, you'd think, except that for the first time, a camera is built-in.
June 21 in OPINION

The future of business software is in the past
Last month there were two things that caught my attention and both are inextricably linked to the future of software as we know it.
June 13 in OPINION

Movie moguls fight the attack of the pirates
In the last few weeks we've seen two major movies getting lots of media exposure. First there was Stars Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones and any day now we've got Spider-Man, reputed to have cost USD100 million, coming to a screen near you.
June 05 in OPINION

Shopping on-line beyond the Christmas Season
Don't expect Yuletide rejoicing from on-line merchants following this Christmas season.
November 16 in OPINION

P2P Shifts Focus Away from Portals
You can't slag off Peer-to-Peer (P2P) as some pirate-to-pirate aberration.
November 09 in OPINION

Second Generation Net Includes Peer to Peer
During the summer of 2000, with under-cooked dot.coms littering the landscape, a new Internet model appeared. It revolved around peer-to-peer (P2P) networking.
November 05 in OPINION

Smartcards mean secure cashless transactions
You've certainly seen first generation smart cards being used aboard state-run transportation in Ireland.
October 27 in OPINION

Premium content dialers make money beyond porn
You're on IEP16,000 hoping to go to IEP32,000. Answer "What does Who Wants to Be a Millionaire have in common with sex sites?" If you say, "Both use premium phone lines", you've named yet another example of mainstream porn technology. And you would've won the average annual revenue from a medium-traffic dial-up number.
October 20 in OPINION

Making World-Class Time Wasting On-line Games
As he stood in Dublin's Irish Whiskey Corner carrying his Internet Business Award, Michael Cunningham put the accomplishment in perspective. "We get nearly a million page impressions a month. On average, each viewer spends nearly two minutes with each page. That means we help waste more than a million minutes of company time each month."
October 13 in OPINION



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