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Face to Face: Bill Murphy, CEO Esat BT
Esat has rebranded itself Esat BT, and with the change a new feeling about its direction has emerged, including a closer intertwining with its parent. Last week Matthew Clark spoke to the company's CEO Bill Murphy, the New Yorker orchestrating the changes.
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In the papers 02 August
Russian firm to acquire the Central European assets of KPNQwest, to the dismay of Ireland's Etel | CR2 cuts its year-end loss in half
August 02 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 02 August
Cnet Networks buys Silicon.com | Semiconductor chip sales rise 5.8 percent in Q2
August 02 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 01 August
Former WorldCom execs are expected to face charges from US prosecutors soon | France Telecom is getting closer to an agreement to take over MobilCom
August 01 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 01 August
Qwest is reportedly in settlement talks with the SEC | Google inks big advertising deal with Lloyds TSB Insurance
August 01 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 31 July
Carphone Warehouse expresses disappointment over Meteor performance | Qwest executives made USD500m selling company stock between 1999 and 2001
July 31 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 31 July
Aer Lingus reports EUR140m in losses, but on-line bookings skyrocket | AOL Time Warner has admitted that it is under investigation by the US Justice Department
July 31 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 30 July
Vodafone rises more than 2 percent | US and European markets show dramatic surge
July 30 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 30 July
ODTR opens the way for unlicensed fixed wireless broadband | California court forces open ICANN books
July 30 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 29 July
Awarding of Irish mobile phone licence to be investigated | Qwest will re-state its results for the last two years following misstatements
July 29 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 29 July
High Court appoints examiner to Twelve Horses | New ruling says linking to newspaper stories violates EU law
July 29 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 26 July
Semiconductor maker cuts jobs in Ennis | Unison admits security gaffe at on-line registration system
July 26 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 26 July
Congressman proposes controversial new law to fight music piracy | The ESB revamps its Web site
July 26 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 25 July
Stock markets in New York show record one-day gains | Alcatel intensifies its restructuring as sales tumble
July 25 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 25 July
Xerox reports USD93 million in Q1 earnings | Prosecutors are reportedly preparing to seek an indictment against former WorldCom boss Bernard Ebbers
July 25 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 24 July
Irish Stock Exchange shares lose EUR1.4 billion | Merchant bank called in to help restructure France Telecom's EUR63 billion debt
July 24 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 24 July
Five former executives of Adelphia Communications have been arrested | Intel plans to release a new portable video player
July 24 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 23 July
Palm and IBM link up for corporate wireless services | Intel cuts chip prices
July 23 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 23 July
Irish companies m-iSphere and Zamano announce merger plans | AT&T reports USD12.7 billion in losses
July 23 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 22 July
Dramatic new stock market lows test nerves of investors | Data storage company Xnet goes into liquidation
July 22 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 22 July
President McAleese to host live Internet chat on Tuesday | Comverse to cut 21 percent of its workforce
July 22 in ROUNDUPS



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