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Globaleye looks to make CCTV high-tech
Tuesday, October 15 2002
by Matthew Clark

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A Dublin-based startup has officially launched a new high-tech CCTV service that it describes as 'revolutionary.'

Globaleye Digital Solutions said that its new digital CCTV service offers businesses a "substantial improvement" over traditional remote surveillance systems. Typical CCTV set-ups consist of cameras that record on standard VHS video tape, but Globaleye's system consists of a network of digital video cameras that are connected to a high-speed IP-based network, such as Eircom or Esat's ADSL networks or a leased line.

These cameras offer picture clarity that is equal to, or in some cases superior to, VHS cameras and record onto a hard disk. High-end systems can store around 2.4 terabytes of data, or about 1 year of recording time for 16 cameras.

The business can also help clients set-up a VPN, to which cameras can be connected for multi-site surveillance. Other add-ons, such as microphones and system integration with alarm services, can be included in clients' packages. Globaleye charges EUR199 per month for a basic 4 digital camera system.

A number of IT security measures also come as part of the company's Linux-based remote surveillance package to prevent would-be intruders from knocking a client's service off-line, explained Managing Director Gerry Dalton. He also said that the roll out of ADSL across Ireland was making the company's service a more realistic option for businesses here. "As broadband services roll out, true network convergence of IT, voice and security are now a reality," Dalton claimed.

One special aspect of Globaleye's technology is a service that the company refers to as "event recording," or only recording video when the scenery in front of the camera changes -- such as when an intruder passes in front of the camera's eye. According to the firm, this process can eliminate hours of blank material and offers instant retrieval of stored images. The business also said its near photo quality images provide "indisputable evidence" and are digitally watermarked to prevent modification.

This "indisputable evidence," said the firm, is especially useful in litigation cases that can be costly and time-consuming for retail and other consumer facing companies. According to figures set to be published by the Irish Insurance Federation next week, the number of new liability claims notified to insurance companies in Ireland in 2001 was 26,944. In liability insurance the value of the net incurred insurance claims met by insurers in 2001 was over EUR475.8 million.

The company, which is supported by the Dublin Business Innovation Centre, will initially employ just eight, although this number should be doubled over the next 18 months. Dalton told ElectricNews.Net that much of the expansion will come in the form of a new research and development facility that Globaleye will establish to develop its own hardware.

He also said that the company hoped to expand its offices in Florida and London over the coming months.

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