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Students rebel against IT
Not so long ago students fought tooth and nail to get into IT courses. Now, they are shunning such studies, with massive implications for Ireland's reputation as a high-tech centre.
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Conduit revenue jumps 33 percent
Directory inquiries company Conduit increased its revenues for the twenty-fifth sequential quarter, as it gears up to seize a bigger chunk of the UK market.
October 18 in MARKETS

ALTO blasts Eircom over dubious pricing
The group representing entrant telecoms operators in Ireland has hit out at Eircom's practices in the voice market and warned legal action may be imminent.

Irish company to manage heart of .org
Following the reassignment of .org to the Internet Society, the technical heart of the top-level domain will be run by an Irish company.
October 15 in BUSINESS

Globaleye looks to make CCTV high-tech
A Dublin-based startup has officially launched a new high-tech CCTV service that it describes as 'revolutionary.'
October 15 in BUSINESS

Opera looks to bring curtain down on WAP
A new technique for displaying Web content on the tiny screens of handheld computers has been developed by Norway-based Opera, spelling trouble for incumbents.
October 14 in BUSINESS

Mobile growth to stagnate in Europe
Western Europe's mobile phone market will stagnate at around the 300 million mark, says a new report, and growth in Ireland has already slowed to virtually nil.
October 11 in WIRELESS

Telecommuting could ease Irish traffic
With commuters now spending an average of two hours per day in the car, the lack of viable telecommuting options has added to the nation's traffic woes.
October 07 in BUSINESS

Tech savvy Europeans drive e-banking
Despite a near 20 percent drop in what Europe's consumer banks invest in e-banking technologies, users are still flocking to Internet-based banking services.
October 07 in E-COMMERCE

UK kids read Web sites before books
British children know more about the Internet than they do about books, according to new research.
October 04 in HOME & GADGETS

Irish telecom launches consumer VoIP
An Irish company has launched a EUR2.8 million offering that allows businesses and consumers to make calls over the Internet using touch-tone and mobile phones.

To subscribe or not to subscribe?
Have you noticed how e-mail has come to dominate our waking hours? If you are reading this I suspect you too are a victim -- a willing one, no doubt.
October 04 in OPINION

Lands' End Ireland reports strong e-trade
Despite an apparent fall-off in on-line sales in Ireland, US clothing brand Lands' End says its Irish operation is booming with high on-line sales across Europe.
October 03 in E-COMMERCE

Bugbear proves to be menacing
The e-mail worm known as Bugbear is continuing its rampage on the Internet and some experts are calling it the most dangerous computer virus in circulation.
October 03 in SECURITY

ALTO says some telcos may leave Ireland
Telecoms lobby group ALTO has joined the chorus complaining about the lack of competition in the Irish telecommunications market.

Irish domain registry suspends CEO
Tensions between the board of Ireland's .ie domain registry and its chief executive came to a head on Wednesday, culminating in the suspension of CEO Mike Fagan.

Esat BT launches ADSL in more cities
Esat BT's high-speed Internet product became available to three more Irish cities, the firm announced, as its nationwide ADSL plans remain on track.
September 30 in INTERNET & TELECOMS

Smart Telecom buys ITG payphones
Alphyra has announced that it has agreed to sell its ITG Payphones division to Smart Telecom for EUR2.4 million.
September 26 in INTERNET & TELECOMS

Competition dearth in Irish telco market
The lack of competition in the Irish telecoms market has kept the price of broadband, mobile and corporate communication services high, according to IDC.
September 24 in INTERNET & TELECOMS

CCI says poor infrastructure hurts SMEs
The Chambers of Commerce of Ireland (CCI) has said that the Irish telecoms market is failing to meet the Internet needs of SMEs.
September 24 in INTERNET & TELECOMS

US grants 1-year extension to ICANN
ICANN has won a further extension of its agreement with the US government to administer domain name registration, despite criticism of its effectiveness.
September 23 in INTERNET & TELECOMS



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