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Go2Mobile releases SMS campaign manager
Tuesday, April 09 2002
by Bernie Goldbach

in association with
delivering pioneering applications
delivering pioneering applications
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Go2Mobile Solutions of Limerick launched its new MediaText mobile campaign manager on Tuesday at the ICT Expo in Dublin.

The browser-based application integrates functions specifically helpful for radio DJs, television presenters, advertising executives and marketing agencies, the company said. Essentially, users of the service can set-up and run SMS marketing campaigns or polls using only a PC, Internet browser and Internet connection.

Besides the commonly used mobile poll, MediaText can also help manage competitions, enable group messaging, screen thousands of messages for buzzwords and analyse campaigns as they unfold.

Since the service only requires a browser and Internet connection, Go2Mobile offers MediaText as an Application Service Provider (ASP) service, negating the need for special hardware, software or training by clients who want to roll out campaigns.

"The real benefit of MediaText is that the client has advanced text functionality that can manage multiple campaigns for multiple clients throughout the year at a fixed management cost," said John Ahern, Go2Mobile's managing director.

Go2Mobile clients include Red FM, FM104 and L'Oreal. MediaText also worked in the background of the campaigns for American Pie 2 and the Smirnoff Dance Awards, the company said.

Many prime-time Irish presenters have incorporated SMS text call-outs as part of their hourly programming, using the medium as a conduit for song requests and polls. These kinds of activities, along with personal use, have made SMS incredibly popular and Irish mobile phone networks now accommodate more than 4 million SMS texts every day. This level of uptake, 10 years after SMS architecture was integrated to the Irish mobile phone networks, is even more remarkable when considering SMS was not originally marketed as a consumer item.

Another aspect of the product is its ability to collect data about participants in campaigns for analysis. While this information can be helpful in its own right, it could be used for subsequent marketing activities should clients decide to do so.

Tom Doherty, the company's sales director, showed ElectricNews.Net the inner workings of one of the databases that is connected to the service -- including thousands of mobile phone numbers -- catalogued after a few days of SMS campaigns. "These are the real numbers of a marketing campaign -- people who have asked you for something that you know they value," Doherty explained.

Such lists can be incredibly valuable to marketers as SMS becomes increasingly popular as a medium for advertising and increasing brand awareness. Ovum Research claims that response rates for SMS marketing range from four percent to 40 percent. Brand recall is between 46 percent and 64 percent. Moreover, Ovum says there is a high immediacy of response, with 30 percent of recipients responding within the hour and 70 percent within 24 hours.

For more information visit http://www.go2mobile.com.

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