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Face-to-Face: Dinesh Dhamija, CEO Ebookers
Don't look now, but e-travel is booming -- and strangely, its successes are coming only after the dot-bomb and September 11, events that decimated related industries. Matthew Clark spoke with Dinesh Dhamija, CEO of highflying European e-travel firms Ebookers, as the company considers acquisitions, market share and the future.
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Yahoo shuts European auction sites
Thursday, May 23 2002
by Ciaran Buckley

Yahoo will close five of its auction sites in Europe and has set up a marketing
agreement establishing eBay as its preferred auction partner.
Yahoo said on Wednesday that it will stop accepting new listings for its auction
sites within the next two weeks in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Spain and
Italy and the sites will be closed entirely within six weeks. Subsequently, Yahoo
will promote rival eBay's sites for each of those countries via banner ads and
text links.

Yahoo will keep its auction operations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and firm has
indicated that it has no intention of winding down its auction business in the

"This is an outstanding move for Yahoo Europe, both strategically and
financially," Mark Opzoomer, managing director of Yahoo Europe, said in a
statement. "We will be able to better utilise our resources to more effectively
focus on initiatives where we can extend our leadership position and that will
drive long-term growth for the company."

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Opzoomer said that Yahoo should
focus on the development of advertising and commerce areas, such as shopping and
travel, since these areas are growing faster and more profitably than European

Yahoo has been hard hit by the downturn in Internet advertising. The company has
been trying to cut costs and broaden its revenue base and it cut 400 jobs in the
autumn of 2001. Meanwhile, it has introduced a number of paid services. This
month for instance, Yahoo in the US launched a new Internet access service with
SBC Communications.

Meanwhile eBay, which has 46 million users worldwide, has rapidly rising revenues
from its German and UK operations, up 35 percent and 42 percent respectively
quarter on quarter in the past three months. Both businesses are profitable on a
fully allocated basis.

Overall eBay claims that its European businesses are growing between 35 and 40
percent a quarter. Its international sites account for more than 20 percent of
the company's revenue and the growth of listings and revenue from its German, UK
and Canadian sites have balanced slowing growth in the United States.


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