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Face to Face: Cyril McGuire, CEO Trintech
At its height, Irish payment security company Trintech was valued at around USD4.5 billion and its sibling founders Cyril and John McGuire were worth USD650 million apiece. Since those heady days the company's shares have lost 99.5 percent of their value and a recent four for one split did little to boost prices. Trintech's new CEO Cyril McGuire talks Face to Face with Matthew Clark about the firm's past and future.
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Friday in Focus

Face to Face with Stephen McCormack of Nebula
Amid the doom and gloom of the hi-tech downturn it was thought that one sector might prove to be a shining light. But is the wireless market really ready to deliver on its promise? Irene Gahan talks to Stephen McCormack of Nebula Technologies about whether the wireless Internet can live up to the hype.
December 05 in Friday in Focus

Face to Face with John Proctor, TeleCity Ireland
A mass of data centres was expected to sprout up in Dublin following the Government's signing of an international bandwidth deal with Global Crossing. However, as a result of the downturn in the technology sector the number of data centres opening here is expected to reduce and already several have shut down or failed to open. Andrew McLindon talks to John Proctor, Country Manager, TeleCity Ireland, which has one of the longest established data centres in Ireland.
November 16 in Friday in Focus

Face to Face with Colm Reilly, IIA
The end of the dotcom boom has struck hard in Ireland, resulting in the collapse of several high-profile Internet businesses and the loss of many jobs. Rory Kelleher asked Colm Reilly, the new chief executive of the Irish Internet Association, about the difficulties currently facing the Internet industry here and its future prospects.
September 17 in Friday in Focus

Face to Face with Shay Garvey, Delta Partners
With a downturn in world markets and investment for technology companies seemingly drying up, Rory Kelleher talked to Shay Garvey, general partner with Delta Partners, about the funding environment for Irish technology companies.
June 14 in Friday in Focus

Buying a new PC?
Whether you're buying a PC for the first time or just upgrading your existing computer, here are some tips that will help you to get the most out of your purchases.
January 18 in Friday in Focus

Dreaming of an e-Christmas
The growth in Internet gift shopping is being driven by the growing number of high quality virtual stores.
November 16 in Friday in Focus

All together now
Information is power, and now a set of emerging technologies that enables more connectivity between computer networks could mean more information -- and more power -- for computer users everywhere.
November 09 in Friday in Focus

Source code wants to be free
A late twentieth century Rousseau would have observed "Code is born free, but is everywhere in chains." But a sort of liberation is at hand for twenty-first century code via the efforts of communities of developers participating in the ever-growing open source movement.
November 02 in Friday in Focus

Looking to a smart future
Five years ago all sorts of almost incredible claims were being made for smartcards.
October 27 in Friday in Focus

Adult industry blazes a trail on the Web
Pornography has always taken early technological leads and the Internet is no different.
October 19 in Friday in Focus

Power play
Back in the days when a stick and an inflated pig's bladder were the latest technologies, the Irish were inventing games.
October 13 in Friday in Focus

A store of knowledge
Storage management may not be the sexiest segment of the IT sector, but those who are intimately involved with it are going around with a smile on their faces.
October 06 in Friday in Focus

New ways to talk
Key innovations are transforming the international call centre industry, and Irish centres are changing along with it.
September 29 in Friday in Focus

The BottomLine: On-line Gambling
information ammunition
September 01 in Friday in Focus

International Flutters
The Internet is set to revolutionise the international gambling market.
September 01 in Friday in Focus

Internet gambling providers are on a roll
It is one of the Internet's largest and fastest-growing industries with revenues expected to top the USD 3 billion mark by 2002, but some customers have been discovering the downside of on-line wagering.
September 01 in Friday in Focus

Face to Face with Liam Booth, Datalex
How easy is to translate offline success to the wired world? Ask this Irish travel technology firm.
August 25 in Friday in Focus

Gulliver braves the waves of Internet travel
Like its literary namesake, Gulliver, the Irish electronic travel information system, has not had an easy journey.
August 25 in Friday in Focus

The BottomLine: On-line Travel
information ammunition
August 25 in Friday in Focus

Tried and tested travel
Matching the convenience of the Web with real customer service is the only way to fly, say on-line travel firms.
August 25 in Friday in Focus

There is an old adage about learning
If you read something you retain 20 percent of it, if you read it and then write it down you will remember 60 percent, but if you read it, write it and can interact with the information you will retain 80 percent.
August 18 in Friday in Focus

Face to Face with Theo Lynn, EMG
If Ireland's success in the digital era is down to its education system - as most pundits casually assert - then the e-business world is certainly paying its educational dues.
August 18 in Friday in Focus

Learning goes on-line
E-learning is making the transition from CD-ROM to the Internet.
August 18 in Friday in Focus

The BottomLine - e-learning
information ammunition
August 18 in Friday in Focus

Small wonders: low-value payments are starting to power e-commerce.
For any business embarking on an e-commerce project, there are several key issues which have to be addressed if the venture is to be successful.
August 11 in Friday in Focus

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