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Wireless 'hobos' are following the signs
Wireless Internet connections were meant to be a boon for businesses, but a technique borrowed from hobos is re-igniting the debate about possible security flaws.
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Computer virus threats on the decline
Many security analysts agree that there has been an apparent fall in virus attacks in 2002, but they still warn potential victims to keep their guard up.
August 13 in SECURITY

Morpheus inks deal with McAfee.com
The firm behind the popular Morpheus file-sharing network has selected McAfee.com as its preferred security partner.
August 08 in SECURITY

Irish Honeynet attracts Trojan Horses
An Irish decoy computer network set-up to study would-be cyber attackers was hit over 350 times in June with many of the attacks being Trojan Horses.
August 07 in SECURITY

Multiple virus scanning needed, says GFI
No single anti-virus product catches a comprehensive range of e-mail viruses and malware within a variety of compressed and uncompressed file formats.
August 02 in SECURITY

Attacks on Linux systems increase
Successful attacks against Linux-based servers are increasing, says a new report, in part because of a lack of knowledge among some administrators.
July 16 in SECURITY

New breed of cybersquatters emerges
Though cybersquatting has slowed somewhat as a means to capitalise on strong brands, Zerflow claims new types of cybersquatters have more malicious intentions.
July 10 in SECURITY

Users demand truth about software flaws
End-users want full disclosure of security vulnerabilities, says a survey by Hurwitz Group, demonstrating frustration about responsiveness to security issues.
July 09 in SECURITY

Hacker magazine withdraws DVD appeal
Hacker magazine 2600 is to drop its appeal to the Supreme Court after concluding it had little chance of establishing its right to post links to the DeCSS utility.
July 04 in SECURITY

Tech pros worry about US cyber-attacks
IT professionals believe the United States will be subjected to a major cyber-attack within the next 12 months, according to a new survey by the BSA.
June 28 in SECURITY

Adult content raises issues for bosses
Irish businesses need to do more to protect themselves from scandals and lawsuits concerning the downloading and viewing of Web-based adult content by staff.
June 27 in SECURITY

Apache flaw brews controversy
There is controversy brewing over the announcement of a new Apache vulnerability similar to the chunked encoding flaws in Microsoft IIS.
June 19 in SECURITY

Low-risk JPEG bug raises new concerns
E-security firms issued warnings on Thursday of a new kind of virus, one that infects computers through image files.
June 14 in SECURITY

Security issues could slow Web services
Web services are being touted as the next big thing in enterprise and corporate computing, but security issues could slow the Web services wave, warns Forrester.
June 12 in SECURITY

FBI reorganises, focuses on cybercrime
A major new reorganisation at the US Federal Bureau of Investigation will see it increase its use of technology and step up efforts against cybercrime.
May 30 in SECURITY

AOL eyes secure messaging for business
America Online is preparing to launch an enterprise-strength version of its popular AOL Instant Messenger Product (AIM), according to a report.
May 30 in SECURITY

PDA users disregard security risks
A new UK survey shows that many people do not secure data stored on their PDAs (personal digital assistants), leaving private and corporate secrets unprotected.
May 24 in SECURITY

Microsoft patches more IE security gaps
Microsoft released another cumulative patch for Internet Explorer, which promises to plug six recently discovered security defects involving the browser.
May 17 in SECURITY

Kill the MSN Messenger
Microsoft issued a "critical" security update after the discovery of a vulnerability that allows attackers to execute malicious code against MSN Messenger.
May 09 in SECURITY

Klez threat continues
The computer worm known as Klez is continuing to wreak havoc on some computer systems, as another version of the bug has been discovered.
April 29 in SECURITY

FBI says Internet fraud is on the rise
Almost 43 percent of all reported Internet fraud comes from auction fraud, according to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center's annual data trends report.
April 11 in SECURITY

New IE patch for malicious cookies
New flaws in Microsoft's Internet Explorer have been discovered and patches for them are already available.
April 02 in SECURITY

Microsoft eyes image-based passwords
Darko Kirovski, cryptography and anti-piracy researcher at Microsoft, has unveiled a prototype of an image-based password system.
March 26 in SECURITY

Irish firms launch cyber-attack bait
Inflow, Espion and Deloitte & Touche are running a new "Honeynet" in Ireland to attract would-be cyber attackers and study their habits.
March 20 in SECURITY

New digital signature service launches
Irish company Ezitrust has unveiled its new service that will let small businesses and consumers encrypt e-mail using PKI and digital certificates.
March 13 in SECURITY

Malicious applet affects major browsers
Crackers can use a malicious Java applet to hijack Internet sessions, according to a new warning from Microsoft.
March 05 in SECURITY



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