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TecBrand and TSL in marketing alliance
Monday, July 09 2001
by Andrew McLindon

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Irish technology companies will be able to outsource their sales and marketing functions following a partnership between two technology-focused businesses.

Technology marketing services company, TecBrand, and sales generation solutions business, Technology Sales Leads (TSL), have formed a business alliance to offer a "one-stop shop" for sales and marketing activities. TecBrand will provide direct marketing and e-marketing campaign development, while TSL will provide enterprise prospecting and telemarketing services.

"Six or nine months ago IT companies may not have been so receptive to the idea of outsourcing their sales and marketing needs," said Stephen Stynes, chief executive officer, TecBrand. "However, with return on investment now being so key they know they have to smoke out business opportunities and generate revenue."

"In the current climate, technology companies need to maximise their in-house resources and outsource where they do not have expertise," said Michael Kelly, managing director of TSL.

Stynes said that one of the main problems IT companies' marketing departments have is measuring results. "Previously, companies would, for instance, send out mailshots and they would never know if they generated any leads. We can provide figures showing the effectiveness of our campaigns, which can then be followed up by phonecalls to potential clients." He said that an integrated sales and marketing campaign would cost from IEP5,000 upwards depending on the size of database and the level of interaction required.

He added that outsourcing external business development resources has been shown to be much more cost-effective than managing these activities in-house. He pointed to a Gartner study that he said showed that at an average of USD87.50 per selling hour an external business development person costs about 35 percent of the USD250 per selling hour that an average field sales representative costs. External business development staffs are capable of increasing revenues by as much as 150 percent compared to internal resources, Gartner said.

In general, outsourcing technology requirements has become increasingly popular among all business, said Richard de Zeeuw, sales manager, I-fusion, a provider of application management services. "Outsourcing is still very much a hot topic, particularly as it has become much more accepted among businesses, even family-owned companies who aren't well-known for innovation," commented de Zeeuw.

"Outsourcing has had an impact because it can reduce costs and increase efficiencies, and they are very persuasive factors for businesses," said de Zeeuw.

For further information visit www.tsleads.ie or www.tecbrand.com.

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