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National Digital Media Awards
UTV Internet - all Ireland flat rate internet access
Face-to-Face: Danuta Gray, CEO O2 Ireland
On the job for 18 months, Danuta Gray has presided over Digifone's transformation into O2 Ireland, with the brand celebrating its first birthday this month. But that challenge was miniscule compared to future trials, which include 3G, adding customers in a maturing market and even wireless LANS. Matthew Clark spoke face-to-face with Gray to get the inside story on her and on O2 Ireland.
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Latest Headlines

For the record 28 November
Telecoms regulator Etain Doyle says Ireland needs to increase its productivity rather than simply its cost-competitiveness | France Telecom kills job cuts rumours
November 28 in ROUNDUPS

Level 3 to acquire Genuity
One of the oldest Internet companies, Genuity, has filed for bankruptcy protection as part of a planned USD242 million purchase by rival Level 3.
November 28 in INVESTMENT

Irish Honeynet Web site goes live
The Irish team behind a project designed to analyse the behaviour of cyber-attackers has launched a new Web site that details such activity.
November 28 in SECURITY

Transport smartcards remain elusive
The Transport Minister has said an integrated ticketing system for bus and rail services will launch in 2004, but the use of smartcards appears some way off.
November 28 in E-GOVERNMENT

Data retention plans anger privacy group
The government has denied that it plans to retain citizens' phone call and e-mail details for up to four years, but critics have pounced on the State's intentions.
November 28 in INTERNET & TELECOMS

Napster sale approved
A new chapter has been opened in the life of Napster, with the approval of the sale of its intellectual property to digital media software firm Roxio.
November 28 in INVESTMENT

New 'insulting' e-mail worm spreads
A complex e-mail worm that 'insults' infected computer users has been doing the rounds in Korea, according to anti-virus firms.
November 28 in SECURITY

In the papers 28 November
German mobile operator MobilCom has posted a loss of EUR2.9 billion | Chartered Semiconductor will jointly chips with IBM
November 28 in ROUNDUPS

For the record 27 November
Sun says revenues are on track, but operating expenses are slightly higher | Meteor has announced that it is offering free text messages
November 27 in ROUNDUPS

Global e-government 27 November
US government to establish an IT 'National Guard' | Voters in Austria were able to get recent election results delivered to their mobile phones
November 27 in E-GOVERNMENT

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Tuesday, November 26 2002
by Ralph Averbuch

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