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Wireless 'hobos' are following the signs
Wireless Internet connections were meant to be a boon for businesses, but a technique borrowed from hobos is re-igniting the debate about possible security flaws.
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Speculation mounts over Vizzavi disposal
Vivendi may sell its 50 percent share in Vizzavi to Vodafone for EUR150 million, bringing the future of the Ireland's e-merge wireless portal into question.
August 19 in WIRELESS

Sony Ericsson searches for P800 apps
As Sony Ericsson prepares to launch its new P800 mobile phone and PDA, the company is running a contest to get developers to submit 'cool' applications.
August 19 in WIRELESS

Wi-Fi grows rapidly in Dublin
A report to be released later this year will show that take-up of 802.11b is occurring at a rapid pace in Dublin, with better than expected security measures.
August 19 in WIRELESS

ODTR grants 3G extension to Vodafone
Ireland's telecoms regulator has given Vodafone another month to decide if it is interested in one Ireland's 3G "B" licences.
August 15 in WIRELESS

Roke to adapt mobile networks for radar
Using the signals from GSM mobile phone base stations, Siemens subsidiary Roke Manor Research has developed a new type of inexpensive radar.
August 13 in WIRELESS

Automakers ponder Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
By 2007, almost 20 percent of new vehicles will be sold with short-range wireless communications chips, according to a report by Allied Business Intelligence.
August 09 in WIRELESS

Ireland Live TV News links to O2's XDA
Users of O2's XDA handheld device are now able to view live broadcasts of what has been dubbed as the Irish version of Sky News.
August 07 in WIRELESS

Yahoo targets European mobile users
US Internet giant Yahoo said on Tuesday it had acquired a 15 percent stake in European wireless portal Sonera Zed.
August 06 in WIRELESS

Tesco launches wireless grocery shopping
British shoppers are now able to buy their groceries via handheld computers in what is claimed to be a world's first.
August 06 in WIRELESS

BT hotspots go live, but not in Ireland
BT has launched 20 commercial public wireless 'hot spots' in the UK, but Irish users will have to wait for similar access from the company's subsidiary here.
August 06 in WIRELESS

Vodafone Ireland to launch camera phones
Vodafone will begin selling mobile phones with embedded digital cameras in Ireland this autumn, following a deal between its parent company and Sharp.
August 06 in WIRELESS

Coffee drives WLAN rollout
The rollout of public wireless LANs in the US will be driven, in part, by coffee, claims a new report from Massachusetts-based research company IDC.
August 02 in WIRELESS

Irish firm develops MMS gambling service
An Irish mobile gaming company is claiming to be the first to offer gambling services via MMS.
July 31 in WIRELESS

Mobile operators study pre-paid users
European mobile operators facing massive debt and market saturation are now examining the value of their less profitable pre-paid customers.
July 30 in WIRELESS

Telecoms bow to the reality of 3G
Two of Europe's leading telecoms bowed to what appears to be the bleak reality of 3G as Spain's Telefonica and Finland's Sonera wrote off their UMTS assets.
July 26 in WIRELESS

Vodafone to launch BlackBerry competitor
Vodafone Ireland will launch a device-independent e-mail service for corporate clients, in a move that could make users think twice about buying a BlackBerry.
July 26 in WIRELESS

US company tests broadband airplane
By 2005, people might be receiving mobile phone services, broadband connections and even digital TV from solar-powered airplanes that fly at 65,000 feet.
July 24 in WIRELESS

NTT DoCoMo creates European subsidiary
Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo is to open a European subsidiary to service clients in Europe, as well as entice other operators to take up its services.
July 19 in WIRELESS

Rude mobile users irritate Britons
The ban in Britain on mobile phone jamming systems is unlikely to be lifted despite irritation among nearly half of its population about mobile usage in public.
July 19 in WIRELESS

Almost 20,000 Irish customers ditch O2
O2 Ireland has seen customer numbers fall by nearly 20,000 over recent months and recorded a EUR58 fall in its blended Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) figures.
July 18 in WIRELESS

Report helps users trim roaming costs
The ODTR on Wednesday issued a new advice document to consumers, telling them of various ways they can cut the cost of roaming while abroad.
July 17 in WIRELESS

New specs pave the way for mobile IM
A new set of specifications were released this week for instant messaging over wireless devices, a service users can expect to start appearing by early 2003.
July 17 in WIRELESS

Motorola to make white label phones
As part of a new strategy, Motorola said on Tuesday it will build customised mobile phones for Vodafone and other operators, according to reports.
July 16 in WIRELESS

Irish tech firms tackle parking problems
Several Irish companies are using Internet and wireless technologies in an attempt to solve the country's parking problems.
July 12 in WIRELESS

SyChip looks to push Wi-Fi in PDAs
Semiconductor maker Intersil has announced a new deal with SyChip that could make 802.11b-enabled handhelds more readily available.
July 11 in WIRELESS



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