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Wireless 'hobos' are following the signs
Wireless Internet connections were meant to be a boon for businesses, but a technique borrowed from hobos is re-igniting the debate about possible security flaws.
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Watchdog slams Domain Registry of Europe
The Advertising watchdog has slammed Domain Registry of Europe (DRoE) for misleading consumers over its mailshots that 'look like bills.'
August 19 in ADS & MARKETING

Shrinking tech generation tests marketers
The tech savvy age group of 18 to 24-years-old will find their numbers reduced by 22pc over the next decade, creating a challenge for marketers and advertisers.
August 15 in ADS & MARKETING

TV and texting link up to lure viewers
With the popularity of text messaging undeniable, mobile operators are signing partnerships with television companies at an increasing pace.
August 14 in ADS & MARKETING

Retailers try to get e-mail ads to click
Most users say they get too many e-mail ads and even more are reluctant to buy items in such ads, but research shows that these feelings depend on the retailer.
August 09 in ADS & MARKETING

Nielsen to begin tracking Tivo use
DVR manufacturer Tivo and Nielsen Media Research have developed software that will allow TV producers and advertisers to assess the impact of time-delayed TV.
August 07 in ADS & MARKETING

New survey highlights weaker tech brands
Interbrand and BusinessWeek have released their 'World's Most Valuable Brands' ranking, showing that technology brands have slipped in value since the last survey.
July 26 in ADS & MARKETING

Text message campaign aims at charity
A new Irish wireless marketing service provider, Opt-in, is enabling a charity to raise funds through premium text messaging.
July 25 in ADS & MARKETING

E-advertising proves popular in Ireland
Over 500,000 Irish people have received advertising through their mobile phones and most of them seem ready for more, new research indicates.
July 16 in ADS & MARKETING

On-line newspaper readership climbs
A survey released this week claims that on-line US regional newspapers are seeing huge jumps in traffic, as many UK and Irish papers move to a paid model.
July 10 in ADS & MARKETING

Hutchison will name its 3G network '3'
The holder of Ireland's main 3G mobile telecoms licence has said that its service will be called '3'
July 03 in ADS & MARKETING

Survey shows e-mail marketing on increase
The results of DoubleClick's new Marketing Spending Index survey show that e-mail newsletters are gathering market share and gaining acceptance among consumers.
June 27 in ADS & MARKETING

ESB claims e-marketing success
An e-marketing campaign for ESB has produced response levels twice as high as similar initiatives, according to the company behind the promotion.
June 26 in ADS & MARKETING

ElectricNews named in media award finals
ElectricNews.Net has been shortlisted for the third year in a row for a Net Media European Online Journalism award.
June 21 in ADS & MARKETING

Users may tire of mobile ads, says IDC
A new report by IDC warns that early successes in the mobile advertising industry may be difficult to follow up as the novelty wears off.
June 21 in ADS & MARKETING

Consultancy warns over SMS spam
Marketing to a large number of consumers via SMS is too expensive and such activity should be restricted to specific user groups, a new report has advised.
June 06 in ADS & MARKETING

Internet ad slump matches off line media
The US on-line advertising market fell by 12 percent during 2001 reflecting the trend in more traditional media.

E-advertising continues to rebound
European on-line advertising will grow to EUR6.4 billion by 2007, constituting 6.3 percent of all advertising, according to a new report.

Dublin pubs serve up SMS drink vouchers
John McGowan, the general manager of two pubs in Dublin, has started to offer customers free drinks using SMS-based vouchers.

RTE Radio up for top Web award
RTE Radio is the only Irish site to win a nomination in the 2002 Webby Awards, the prestigious US-based awards that recognise the world's best Web sites.
April 30 in ADS & MARKETING

Advertising Authority rules against Dell
Two customer complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority over offers by Dell in October and November have been upheld, ElectricNews.Net has learned.
April 25 in ADS & MARKETING

Career moves 11 April
JLS Technology appoints Business Development Manager | Eontec appoints General Manager for Central Europe
April 11 in ADS & MARKETING

US e-advertising to expand this year
A new study in the US says that the Internet advertising market will expand this year after facing a severe slump in 2001.
April 10 in ADS & MARKETING

Tech firms urged to improve marketing
Marketing experts are advising Irish tech firms to re-think their approach to marketing, stressing that even the best technology won't sell itself.
March 28 in ADS & MARKETING

New Web ad formats get modest response
Large on-line ad formats such as skyscrapers are beginning to make an impact, but their growth has not been as quick as anticipated, says a new study.
March 08 in ADS & MARKETING

Study cites a decline in ad efficiency
A new study by Arbitron and Edison Media Research confirms a continuing decline in the percentage of on-line Americans who are responding to banner ads.
March 04 in ADS & MARKETING



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