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Wireless 'hobos' are following the signs
Wireless Internet connections were meant to be a boon for businesses, but a technique borrowed from hobos is re-igniting the debate about possible security flaws.
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Ireland.com reports 6,000 subscribers
The financially troubled Irish Times Limited has reiterated its commitment to Ireland.com, after the division signed up 6,000 fee-paying subscribers.
August 16 in E-COMMERCE

Yahoo returns to the auction business
Only months after shutting down five European auction sites, Yahoo said it will develop co-branded auction sites in Scandinavia with QXL Ricardo.
August 02 in E-COMMERCE

Automated teller machines get smart
A new generation of Web-enabled ATMs is emerging, letting bank customers buy everything from postage stamps to passport photographs from teller machines.
July 25 in E-COMMERCE

AIB courts on-line business customers
AIB said that it will become the first Irish bank to pay interest on business current accounts, but only for users that sign up for on-line banking.
July 23 in E-COMMERCE

Liberty specs to be released
On Monday, the Sun Microsystems-backed Liberty Alliance is expected to detail the technical specifications for its long awaited on-line identity management.
July 15 in E-COMMERCE

Gill & Macmillan begins selling on-line
Irish book publisher Gill & Macmillan has launched a new Web site that it said should increase the sales of its third-level titles.
July 11 in E-COMMERCE

Tesco now on-line for visually impaired
Tesco Ireland has launched a Web site for the visually impaired, in a further attempt to broaden the appeal of on-line shopping.
July 05 in E-COMMERCE

RealNetworks unveils GamePass
Internet media software company RealNetworks has announced its GamePass subscription service, which provides free and discounted games for USD6.95 per month.
July 01 in E-COMMERCE

Orbiscom clinches major Citibank deal
Citibank has announced that it is to offer security technology from the Irish company Orbiscom to its 75 million US credit card holders to help combat fraud.
June 26 in E-COMMERCE

Survey casts more doubt on paid content
Less than 20 percent of Irish consumers are prepared to pay for on-line content, according to a new survey by interactive advertising agency Ican.
June 24 in E-COMMERCE

US doctors to charge for on-line advice
A service backed by the American Medical Association will allow doctors to perform on-line consultations and charge patients for the service.
June 24 in E-COMMERCE

Disparate figures fog e-travel's future
There is a vast disparity between researchers' forecasts for the e-travel industry in Europe, but one thing remains certain: the market is set to grow.
June 05 in E-COMMERCE

IBM researches Web privacy techniques
To protect privacy, IBM researchers are looking into ways that let users lie on Internet questionnaires without affecting the accuracy of the overall survey.
June 04 in E-COMMERCE

Argos Group on-line sales reach STG164m
The Argos Retail Group has more than doubled its e-commerce sales in the last year to STG164 million as selling over the Internet starts to pay off for some retailers.
May 30 in E-COMMERCE

Ireland.com claims success in paid model
Despite industry reports which claim that Net users will not pay for previously free content and services, Ireland.com says its switch is going well.
May 28 in E-COMMERCE

Yahoo shuts European auction sites
Yahoo will close five of its auction sites in Europe and has set up a marketing agreement establishing eBay as its preferred auction partner.
May 23 in E-COMMERCE

Buy4Now hits profitability and looks abroad
Irish on-line retailer Buy4Now has announced its first profitable quarter ahead of expectations, as the firm sets its sights on the international stage.
May 20 in E-COMMERCE

New EU copyright law meets resistance
Forthcoming EU legislation could criminalise Europeans who circumvent copyright protection measures, pressure groups have warned.
May 14 in E-COMMERCE

B2B e-commerce sales to skyrocket
Business-to-business e-commerce sales in Europe are set to grow dramatically in the next three years and one expert has urged Irish businesses to cash in.
May 08 in E-COMMERCE

UK bank launches e-mail payments
Egg, the Internet-only bank, is set to launch a new service that will let customers transfer money to anyone in the UK with e-mail and a bank account.
April 22 in E-COMMERCE

Peer-to-peer hurts legal download sites
Europe's grey market for illegal music downloading with peer-to-peer applications is seriously harming legal music download sites, according to new research.
April 19 in E-COMMERCE

Small firms urged to embrace e-commerce
Businesses in the Midlands are to be encouraged to use the Internet to reduce their costs and increase sales, as e-business take-up in the region remains low.
March 28 in E-COMMERCE

US confidence in Internet falls
Confidence in Internet products and services fell in the US during the first quarter of the year, according to a new study.
March 26 in E-COMMERCE

Ireland and Singapore forge e-links
Ireland and Singapore are set to engage in a plan that will see the governments of the two island nations co-operate on e-commerce initiatives.
March 15 in E-COMMERCE

Esat launches B2B auction service
Esat launched its new on-line B2B auction service on Friday as part of its long-term strategy to ramp-up its business communications and applications portfolio.
March 15 in E-COMMERCE



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