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The future of business software is in the past
Last month there were two things that caught my attention and both are inextricably linked to the future of software as we know it.
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Lucent shares plunge on revenue warning
Lucent Technologies, which employs over 800 people in Ireland, has said that Q3 revenues will be down by around 10 percent compared to the previous quarter.
June 13 in MARKETS

The future of business software is in the past
Last month there were two things that caught my attention and both are inextricably linked to the future of software as we know it.
June 13 in OPINION

BT Ignite to sweat European assets
BT Ignite, which controls Esat, has said that it will "sweat" its assets and investments in Europe as it looks to cut capital expenditure by 25 percent.
June 13 in MARKETS

IDC forecasts recovery for PC makers
The PC market is expected to recover somewhat this year and return to double figure growth in 2003, according to International Data Corporation (IDC).
June 13 in BUSINESS

In the papers 13 June
Consumers fall victim to computer "cashback" scam | Hewlett-Packard to cut 2,000 Asian workers
June 13 in ROUNDUPS

Gartner study reveals PDA costs
A new study released by Gartner reveals that PDAs cost companies an average of USD3,000 per user and recommends strict ROI guidelines for wireless devices.
June 13 in WIRELESS

Britain's NHS to spend billions on IT
The UK Minister for Health has announced an overhaul of the National Health Service's IT systems in a project that could cost up to STG5 billion.
June 13 in BUSINESS

Lionbridge CEO changes Irish emphasis
Lionbridge Technologies is to migrate higher valued projects to its Irish operation as it looks to move lower value activities to countries such as China.
June 13 in BUSINESS

Career moves 13 June
AT&T names new chief financial officer | Professor Alexander Roder has become O2's chief information officer

KPNQwest limps on
Struggling KPNQwest appears to have bought itself some more time, giving rise to hopes that its fibre-optic network will remain open for at least the rest of the month.

Mobile phones cause tunnel vision
Researchers in New England claim that making mobile calls while driving can be a distraction, even after the call has ended.
June 12 in WIRELESS

European Commission weighs in on 3G
The European Commission may have offered Europe's mobile telecoms a chance to escape from their crushing debt, by advocating renegotiation of 3G licences.
June 12 in WIRELESS

For the record 12 June
The European Commission is calling a public hearing on unbundling of the local loop in Europe | Motorola says it will meet or beat guidance
June 12 in ROUNDUPS

In the papers 12 June
Compaq wins STG14.5m NI contract | Trustees raise funds for KPNQwest
June 12 in ROUNDUPS

Security issues could slow Web services
Web services are being touted as the next big thing in enterprise and corporate computing, but security issues could slow the Web services wave, warns Forrester.
June 12 in SECURITY

Pirated music discs see global boom
The proliferation of recordable CD technology is fuelling a boom in sales of pirated music discs, according to research from a music industry trade association.
June 12 in BUSINESS

Dell reaffirms forecast, mulls printers
Dell's CFO has said that the company expects to grow this quarter, despite a tough market, and suggested that Dell is considering entering the printer market.
June 12 in MARKETS

Nokia predicts lower sales
Nokia, the number one maker of mobile phones, warned on Tuesday that sales are shrinking, driving shares down in Stockholm.
June 11 in MARKETS

NTL warns of cash constraints
NTL Ireland has made digital TV available to over 85 percent of its networks in Dublin, Galway and Waterford, as its parent company warns of cash constraints.
June 11 in WIRELESS

Cognizant establishes Irish operations
US company Cognizant Technology Solutions has announced plans to launch a "near shore" software development facility in Limerick that will employ 70 people.
June 11 in BUSINESS

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